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with Rima Danielle Jomaa
Licensed Psychotherapist/Yoga Teacher

featuring Russell Taplin
Private Vegan Chef

Mal Pais / Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Embark on a transformational journey in Costa Rica.

Healing with Plant Consciousness - November 10 - 17 in Cabuya, Costa Rica.

5 Day Connect & Play - Ongoing Package

5 Day Rekindle Your Romance Couples Retreat in Costa Rica - Ongoing Package

Private retreats and ceremonies available on request.


5 Day Connect & Play Package

Have you been working your ass off and feel like it's time for a vacation? Are you caught up in your routine and feel like you want to break free from your daily stresses?

Are you ready to say good bye to the office and hello to nature and sunshine?
Do you want to explore Costa Rica with two locals who can show you a side of the jungle you've never seen?

If you're shaking your head "yes", then this retreat if for you.

Experience Costa Rica like a Local

Healing with Plant Medicine Retreat

Watch the video above for a glimpse into our November retreat where we hosted 7 brave souls in 3 healing ceremonies with plant medicine. Rima & Russell hosted the week, organized, taught yoga/meditation, cooked nourishing vegan food, facilitated the ceremonies, led group integration, healing sessions, excursions & more.

Our next retreat will be just as special & hosted by Andrea Marquez.

We host private/group ceremonies & private retreats as well.

November 10 -17

Rekindle Your Romance Couples Retreat

You’ve been with your partner for awhile. You love each other, sure… but something is missing. You feel hopeless, like there’s no going back to how it used to be, but you don’t want to give up hope yet. Just because you’re in a romantic lull, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. It’s an invitation to grow deeper and become more connected. This retreat leads the way to recapturing the passion, romance, fondness, adoration, playfulness, sensuality and excitement in your relationship. You can be the couple you once were…

 Rediscover Your Passionate Love

Meet Your Hosts

Rima Danielle Jomaa

I'm from California but now I live in the jungle of Costa Rica. I first came to Santa Teresa in 2012 and knew immediately I was "home". It was immediately where I wanted to live, and now I've been living here for 4 years. I'll tell you the whole story when you get here! I'm a licensed marriage & family therapist (in California - LMFT# 82229) and a yoga teacher, so a perk of our retreats is that you will experience deep personal transformation as we dig in, explore & heal. I met Russell here in Costa Rica & we fell in love! Now we get the privilege of being in service to our community by doing our passions together. In our day to day, we start the day by surfing and doing yoga, before we start our work for the day. We never work too hard though, and we make sure we always have the perfect view of the sunset! We hope you'll join us in Paradise!


with V Chef Russ Taplin

I first came to Mal Pais, Costa Rica in 2006 from the south coast of England. Lured here by the waves I soon fell in love with the lush jungle, beautiful beaches and array of organically grown, local, fresh foods that were available. I originally worked as a surf instructor while I ran a guest house with my uncle, but my hunger for good food and my passion for sharing it with others led me to cook for guests and to host many dinner parties. I went on to work with some of the best chefs in the area and created my private event & retreat catering company, V Chef. My personal journey has led me to being an advocate for plant-based cuisine. Rima and I make a good team as we are aligned in our values & I love to co-create with my partner in this way, bringing both of our passions together to turn out one epic week of adventure & exploration.

See the jungle through our eyes.


Our unique experiences aren’t just vacations - They’re a life-changing week that will stay with you when you leave...

Heading out for a surf with out retreat guest Rob at Playa Carmen, Costa Rica! It was small and fun with clean conditions!

Heading out for a surf with out retreat guest Rob at Playa Carmen, Costa Rica! It was small and fun with clean conditions!

Our retreat experiences are special because you get the benefit of leaving the work to us and getting the tried-and-true best of the best of Costa Rica. That's because each day, we'll have fun as we explore a side of Costa Rica that you won't get to explore if you came alone or with retreat leaders who don't live here.

We've spent years here. We know where the magic happens and when it happens. In the jungle, when you get all the elements right, an alchemical process happens in which magic occurs.

This is the magic you will live on an adventure with us.

We bring our years of experience to you to enjoy so you don't have to waste any time guessing. 

You'll enjoy life like a local.


Our Retreat Features

Enjoying a delicious vegan meal together made by Russell as a group.

Enjoying a delicious vegan meal together made by Russell as a group.

Optimum Nutrition

Unhealthy eating habits can affect the quality of our emotional and physical life. Discover how delicious and fulfilling eating healthy can be, and you'll be surprised at how good you feel. We won't be "cleansing" by any means, just enjoying clean, gourmet food from a personal chef (Russell!) all made in the home you'll be staying in with love and gratitude. You'll find that eating healthy is not only good for you, but it's also a fun thing to explore!

Savor 3 fulfilling plant-based meals cooked from locally grown, organic produce by Chef Russell. All included.

You'll also enjoy one cooking class on some of our retreats!

Enjoying daily yoga and meditation like these guests did from our last retreat!

Enjoying daily yoga and meditation like these guests did from our last retreat!

Daily Yoga Class, Meditation & Sound Healing

Each retreat incorporates yoga, meditation & sound healing into the itinerary. You'll experience the benefits of being able to calm your mind and rest your heart, a skill you'll surely find useful back home. Some evenings, Russell will play his drum for you as you're lulled into a deep state of relaxation. This all is part of the process of rejuvenation, exploration and fulfillment.

Enjoy daily yoga classes, meditation and sound healing.


Standup Paddle Board Tours

You'll get to tour Costa Rica from a new view - the ocean. We'll go exploring as a group and enjoy a delicious, homemade lunch on the sea. Don't worry if you've never done it before. No experience necessary!

Most of our retreats include one stand up paddle-board tour per person, including equipment or they can be added on.


The Best Place to Learn Surfing

It's true! The waves in Santa Teresa are amazing year round and this spot is known to be great for beginners. We'll go to a gentle part of the ocean and learn how to catch waves as a group! If you're an experienced surfer, we'll take you out back to try the bigger waves!!

Most retreats include surf lessons, including board rental, or they can be added on.

Starting the day with Ecstatic Dance during our retreat at Wild Sun Jungle Resort in Cabuya, Costa Rica

Starting the day with Ecstatic Dance during our retreat at Wild Sun Jungle Resort in Cabuya, Costa Rica

Dance like You've Never Danced Before

We LOVE Ecstatic Dance and we are going to share it with you! And NO - you don't have to be a dancer!! What is Ecstatic dance???? Ecstatic dance is a style of free-form dance where the music takes you on a journey. We start slowly... building up the energy in the room until it's super high, and then finish nice and mellow until we end laying down on the floor. The room is pretty dark, no one talks or stares at each other, and you don't drink or do drugs at the dance! It's all about being in your own process. There's no RIGHT or WRONG way to dance!! Just close your eyes and move...

We always join the local weekly Ecstatic Dance Party with an epic DJ!

Retreat Guest Testimonials

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Heal. Connect. Play.

Transformational Experiences in Costa Rica.

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