One-on-One Intensive Therapy Retreat
in Magical Costa Rica

with Rima Danielle Jomaa, MFT

Now Booking December - May, Based on Availability

Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Space is limited


Experience healing of mind, body and soul





Take a solo journey to the magical jungles and beaches of Costa Rica for one week, where you’ll be guided through therapeutic techniques that are chosen for you to assist you in identifying your core issues & moving beyond them.

While fully immersed in nature, you’ll be able to shed the voices & distractions of everyday life and you’ll be able to address the various challenges that arise more easily than you could at home. You will be taught to tune into your intuition and inner knowing. You will return renewed and with personalized tools that will enable you to continue your work once you leave and to feel confident in your inner voice.



This Intensive Therapy program is perfect for someone who:

  • Wants rapid progress
  • Is willing to dive deeply into their personal work
  • Has a schedule that is unpredictable & doesn’t permit them to meet regularly with a weekly therapist
  • Wants to address something that’s happening in their life now
  • Is seeking a complementary treatment approach to their regular therapy


  • Establish or regain confidence
  • Strengthen self-esteem & personal worth
  • Create a positive mental outlook that attracts high vibe people into your life
  • Learn to maintain a calm demeanor amongst life’s stressful situations
  • Experience living in the present moment & let the past stay in the past
  • Overcome anxiety in everyday situations
  • Find belief in yourself
  • Find your voice and the ability to speak powerfully in public
  • Defeat shyness
  • Learn to say ‘No’ in situations that don’t serve you
  • Set appropriate boundaries with friends, family & co-workers
  • Work on social skills & improve your communication skills
  • Enjoy the Now versus waiting for an uncertain future


Invest in your mind, body and soul in this personalized and intensive experience that is unlike anything you’ve done for yourself before.

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While on Retreat in Costa Rica



I have a degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University & I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California (LMFT# 82229).

I'm a US citizen living in the jungle of Costa Rica.

I am committed to helping you on your journey.

*Although I am a licensed psychotherapist in California, our work together will NOT be traditional psychotherapy. Please contact me for more information.

I'm from California but now I live in the jungle of Costa Rica. I first came to Santa Teresa in 2012 and knew immediately I was "home". I'm an entrepreneur, and through my desire to live here, I got into various business ventures and created a life for myself here.


  • Advice* on how to manage anxiety, depression, addiction & other mental imbalances, should these issues be limiting your growth & potential
  • Deepening your awareness of your internal process in the here & now
  • Business success guidance and mentoring
  • Project management
  • Hypnosis & Past-Life Regression
  • Vegan, general health, and nutritional support
  • Reiki & chakra balancing
  • Understanding of familial dynamics and how they may be impacting your growth
  • Personal empowerment
  • Spiritual counseling & self-realization work
  • Yoga guidance
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude practices
  • Magic making - what it means to create magic in your life
  • A deep understanding of practical manifestation 
  • Earth reconnection
  • Living in the moment
  • Becoming your authentic self
  • Blooming into your full potential

Through our collaboration, you can explore what it means to live your best life.



Beachfront or deep in the jungle? Depending on your personal needs, budgets and preferences, the perfect accommodations will be secured for you. Work directly with our retreat organizer to find the ideal option for your dates. Privacy, cleanliness & safety are guaranteed. Except to pay additional $100 per night, more or less, based on your preference.


Client Love

"Rima has the most amazing heart! She helped guide me out of the pit of despair I was living in. Her incredible love, patience, and perseverance has had a monumental  impact on my life!” - Audra Straus


in MAGICAL Costa Rica

What to expect for the week

Each experience is customized based on individual client’s needs, but typically features

8-Days, 7-Nights
Luxury Beachfront, Suite Accommodations

One 90-minute psychotherapy session each day (6 sessions total)

Movement/yoga and meditation sessions each morning

Beach time each day

One 60-minute bodywork session each day OR hypnotherapy session (5 sessions total) (rotates between reiki, massage, acupuncture, etc. & based on local availability)

Self-care tools taught each afternoon

Surf or SUP Lesson or Zip Line Canopy Adventure
One adventure included

One full-day wilderness therapy excursion to connect with the healing power of the earth (hiking and waterfall exploration at Montezuma waterfall)

Opportunities for naps, walks, journal writing, and relaxation

Three gourmet, plant-based meals each day

Led by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rima - Retreat Leader, Business mentor/Coach, Yoga teacher, Meditation Guide, Reiki Certified, On-site every day

Drinking Water & Beverages
Juices, Smoothies, Herbal Teas
Freshly made on-site


Get Started!

Contact me to get the ball rolling on planning your intensive therapy retreat in Costa Rica.

Next steps:

  • Consultation to see if a retreat is right for you
  • Once booked, pre-retreat counseling to prepare for your personalized experience (1 60-minute session to get to know one another better once you’ve booked your retreat & 1 60-minute session one week before departure)
  • Finalize accommodations with retreat organizer
  • Prepare for post-retreat reintegration, including securing resources at home
  • 2 follow-up counseling sessions are included in your retreat package

Build the life of your dreams.


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