Rekindle Your Romance Retreat

with Rima and Russell

March 9-15, 2019

Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Limited to four committed couples



The Adventure You Need to Rekindle Your Romance


You and your partner might be best friends, but even the closest of bonds can be affected by the stress of life. When life gets out of hand, that's when it's most important to make time for you, your partner and your relationship. You need to reignite the spark that's dulled! And sometimes, a date night just isn't enough.

You need adventure to bring you closer and recharge your connection.

Sharing new experiences and adventures reminds couples what attracted them to each other (and it's not bad for your sex life, either!).

We show you the way to adventure and shared thrill....


Have you been married for a long time and feel like you're not able to connect like you're used to?

Are you both caught in the same routine that feels like a rut & that's left you both wanting more from life & from your relationship?

Are you good life partners but feel like that *spark* is gone?

Does sex sometimes feel like a chore?

If you're shaking your head "yes", then this retreat if for you.

Maybe you've raised kids, you've worked hard all your lives, and now is the time you should be enjoying your relationship and time together. Right?

So why do the same issues keep coming up over and over again, holding you back from connecting with your partner and truly feeling fulfilled within your partnership?

Just because you’re in a lull, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. It’s an invitation to grow deeper and more connected.

These are your golden years.

Don't wait to reconnect and make your relationship as exciting as it once way.

It is possible to do it now!

Explore, Learn & Unwind with your Partner


Feel alive & laugh together while you explore yoga, try surfing or take a SUP tour

Attend daily workshops and practice skills with your partner to take home & keep the magic alive

Experience the powers of meditation as you learn to relax & recharge together

Resentments and frustrations disappear as gratitude and sensuality become the foundation of your new connection.

I'm Russell.

I first came to Mal Pais, Costa Rica in 2006 from the south coast of England. Lured here by the waves I soon fell in love with the lush jungle, beautiful beaches and array of organically grown, local, fresh foods that were available. I originally worked as a surf instructor while I ran a guest house with my uncle, but my hunger for good food and my passion for sharing it with others led me to cook for guests and to host many dinner parties. I went on to work with some of the best chefs in the area and created my private event & retreat catering company,
Sourced Cooking. My personal journey has led me to being an advocate for plant-based cuisine. Rima and I make a good team as we are aligned in our values & I love to co-create with my partner in this way, bringing both of our passions together to turn out one epic week of love & romance.

I'm Rima.

I'm from California but now I live in the jungle of Costa Rica. I first came to Santa Teresa in 2012 and knew immediately I was "home". I'm a licensed marriage & family therapist (in California - LMFT# 82229) & I've been studying relationships for many years.  I use Dr. Gottman's methods and I am a certified Gottman Leader. He is often called the "love doctor" because of his decades of extensive research on love & relationships. I love teaching "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" methods in this retreat setting because it's so powerful to turn the rest of the world off together & deeply connect on a soul journey in this paradise. I was married AND divorced before. Then, I met Russell here in Costa Rica & we fell in love! We're in a deeply committed relationship & I want to share all I've learned with beautiful couples from all over.

Navigating our relationship using these methods, coupled with the adventures we went on together, helped us unlock sensuality & excitement that we had long forgotten about.
— Valerie & Steve, Arizona

This unique experience isn't just a vacation - it interweaves research-backed methods to making marriages work...


This retreat experience is special because you and your partner will get the benefit of decades of research on what makes marriages work and what doesn't. That's because each day, we'll have fun as we explore the 7 principles that Dr. John Gottman, world's leading "love doctor", has identified in successful & unsuccessful marriages.

Dr. Gottman can predict whether a couple will get divorced with 94% accuracy based on the couple's behavior and on his research, and he's created ways to avoid divorce based on his findings.

We bring this knowledge to you in a loving, safe environment. 

You'll enjoy "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" Workshop, taught by a licensed psychotherapist, AND you'll receive all of the materials to take home, including the best-selling book and two couples guides.


Discover As a Couple...


Optimum Nutrition

Unhealthy eating habits can affect the quality of our emotional and physical lives, and therefore our relationships as well. Discover how delicious and fulfilling eating healthy can be, and you'll be surprised at how good you both feel. We won't be "cleansing" by any means, just enjoying clean, gourmet food from a personal chef (Russell!) all made in the home you'll be staying in with love and gratitude. You'll both find that eating healthy is not only good for you, but it's also a fun thing to explore together!

Savor 3 fulfilling plant-based meals cooked from locally grown, organic produce by Chef Russell. All included.

You'll also enjoy one cooking class together!

_DSC0590 copy.jpg

Daily Yoga Class, Meditation & Sound Healing

This isn't a "yoga retreat", so we won't be doing anything too crazy! But each morning, we'll wake up and meet outside to enjoy the fresh morning air. We'll gently stretch our bodies to work out any kinks and then we'll practice various simple meditation techniques. You'll experience the benefits of being able to calm your mind and rest your heart, a skill you'll surely find useful back home. Some evenings, Russell will play his drum for you as you're lulled into a deep state of relaxation. This all is part of the process of rejuvenation, exploiration and feeling fully connected to your partner.


Couples Massage

Nothing helps you unwind and get into the vacation spirit quite like a massage. Enjoy any style of massage you like in the privacy of your room or outside on the deck. Other spa treatments are available for purchase.

We include one 60-minute massage person.


Couples that Play Together, Stay Together


It's true! Psychological research suggests that couples who play together feel closer, experience more positive emotions, and as a result are happier together

So we're throwing in lots of adventure!! Choose one to enjoy as a couple.

Try the ultimate adventure of surfing, explore an epic stand up paddle board tour, or zip line through the jungle canopy. Each couple gets one adventure included.  

We have found humor & common ground through the inevitable times of arguing & disagreement. We go back to these principles actively & regularly as our relationship goes through it’s typical ebbs & flows.
— Nancy & Paul, Austin, Texas

This retreat is as luxurious as it is effective.
You can't afford to NOT invest in your marriage.

Jungle Accommodations with an Ocean View

Caka Makasi - Santa Teresa/Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Imagine you're driving down the rustic road of Mal Pais, horses walking alongside you, the ocean peaking through the jungle to your right. You see a small sign for Casa Makasi and your driver turns up the road... you begin to ascend into the jungle, higher and higher.

Soon you're at the top of the mountain, arriving to the gates of Casa Makasi. You enter, and the first thing you notice is that you're surrounded by lush green jungle and breath-taking ocean views.

You're taken to your bedroom in the brand new house, and you look out to overlook the Pacific ocean. Ahhh... you've both finally arrived. Set your bags down, kick off your shoes, take a shower and relax with a tropical fruit smoothie or a cold beer before the adventures begin. You'll have time to watch sunset before dinner, where you'll meet everyone and settle in.

Throughout the week, you'll awaken with the howler monkeys as you enjoy the comfort of luxury within the peace and quiet of the wild and enchanting Costa Rican jungle. Savor the panoramic ocean views during breakfast or from the stunning infinity pool. Fresh coffee in hand, look out to the horizon and let your worries melt away as the waves of the ocean roll into the shore. Spend the afternoon bathing in the sun and dipping in and out of the beautiful infinity pool. Come sunset, sip on tropical cocktails while watching the sun melt into the horizon leaving a dazzling trail of fire in the sky. It's time for dinner, enjoy gourmet food prepared by our private chef poolside and dine to the sounds of nature and the crashing waves in the distance.



What Couples Say...

"It had been a long time since we went on vacation together without the kids . We had an epic time in Costa Rica! Rima & Russ are super cool people AND they really know their stuff. The program was very valuable & the food was delicious & satisfying. As a couple, we were able to spend much needed time together recharging & resting while also learning why some of our issues were happening in a refreshing way. After coming home, we are still experiencing the benefits of the retreat & spend a lot more time together alone. It's been pretty exciting between the sheets, as well!" - Ben & Angela, Laguna Beach, California


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