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The Fashion of Yoga #6

The Fashion of Yoga #6

Hey there! Back with more yoga fashion today. I'm loving the new spring collections that are coming out. As yoga continues to grow in popularity in the West, yoga and fitness apparel brands continue to evolve, with trends focusing on functionality and style appeal. I've owned my fair share of leggings. Today, I had the urge to wash all of my clothes - there's not much to wash... I don't have much aside from yoga clothing! Plus we were traveling for 3 months and someone was living in our house so I need to clear all the energy.

Anyway, as I was folding my leggings, I was able to think about each pair. Each has a different symbolic meaning on this journey of yoga and spiritual growth of mine and I love the different feminine aspects that each piece embodies. As yoga fashion continues to evolve, it's been cool to witness the progression of certain brands from their start to where they are now. Overall, I see brands using thicker, classier fabrics; classic cuts with hints of style and flair; prints from all over and your basic solids (black yoga clothing is always in style, and white pants are now my new fave!); supportive styles that compliment curves; and a commitment to style overall. Some looks come and go, some classics stay the same.

Yoga and fitness fashion is important because we deserve to look and feel good as we go from place to place during our day. From studio, to store, to lunch or coffee shop... I even wear many of my favorite fashion pieces in combination with other pieces to create looks for the evening.

Today, I have 4 new brands to feature today! Below, you'll find looks from Pheel Style, Malabella Jewels, Shakti Activewear & Arenose Swimwear. A gorgeous pair of leggings, a healing, magical, calming mala, a super-cute fruit hot yoga outfit & a sexy bikini await you. Plus, gorgeous photography and scenery, as always & links to shop.