A Mid-Summer's Day Perspective Shift

Tried out a longboard for the first time yesterday! It was so fun.

Tried out a longboard for the first time yesterday! It was so fun.

And just like that, summer is more than half-way over. As a pursuer of the endless summer, this doesn't stress me out too much. I know I'm headed back to Costa Rica September 21st until ??? for my next retreat there & to handle some business with the hotel deal I talked about in previous posts! And besides, where I live, in the beautiful San Clemente, rated top climate in the world time and time again, is not so bad. Can you say - Paradise? Either way, I'm winning.

Perfect Conditions

Yesterday, after teaching my Sunday morning 9:15 class, two of my regulars asked me to go surfing with them! Rebecca, Rob, his brother Ray, and I all got in the truck and headed to Trails in San Clemente. I've been pretty much a kook lately and my Lost board has been sadly collecting dust as I've been super busy with the life shifts that we're currently undergoing. It seems I make every excuse not to get in the water! I've only short boarded before, but the crew convinced me to give longboarding a shot. I acquiesced, finally get back in the water and in groove of things. 

The weather was amazing and we found a spot with consistent waves and practically no other surfers (a rarity on a summer day in Southern California). We had our own section to ourselves! Rebecca and I traded boards and had fun catching rides on each. I paddled back out after catching a long ride with a big smile on my face exclaiming, "I'm getting a longboard!" Rebecca, laughingly, "I knew you'd say that!".

A Sharky Encounter

There have been many shark sightings in and around San Clemente the last few months. After the Mick Fanning shark video went viral, people are especially hypersensitive to the topic. Pete and I went to the pier Saturday to lay out and there was a posted sign that one had been spotted that day and to "enter at your own risk". There were 100s of surfers regardless! It seems to me that people have become used to swimming with sharks and are not as afraid as they used to be. 

About 20 minutes after we paddled out, I see Ray take a wave in. Rob is next closest to shore, then Rebecca, then me, and then another girl behind me. I hear Rob shout to Rebecca, "There's a shark right there!" as he's pointing to the water next to her. She pulls all limbs out of the water and attempts to take a wave in as I follow suit. I look down and see the shadow of this 7 foot beast swim directly underneath me. I keep calm as I try to paddle into a wave. I look back and see the outline of this shark in the face of the wave and the girl behind me shrieks, "AHHH!!" as she goes over the wave. 

I take the wave in boogie-board style and meet Rebecca on shore. We see this powerful creature smack his tail in another wave down-shore towards other surfers. The guys go back out, insisting they also see dolphins so "we will be protected". Rebecca and I go back and forth about the issue and finally decide to get back in, giving in to peer pressure and not wanting to give up the fun waves. I'm glad we did because I got some of the funnest rides of my life.

Rebecca, Ray and I - after our fun surf sesh!

Rebecca, Ray and I - after our fun surf sesh!

Rob, me, and Ray. Such fun times with good people!

Rob, me, and Ray. Such fun times with good people!

Perspective Shift

It was there, in the water, after my close call with the scary-ass but non-threatening shark (he was just surfing too, after all), when it hit me. As Pete and my plans to go to Costa Rica for good and completely change our lives continue to progress, I realize I have everything I need already around me. As I constantly search for ways to make my dreams come true, I find I am perfectly content with what is, and that anything I could possibly dream has already come true. Yes, there can always be something better, or different, or grander around the next corner. But being happy with what you have and with the joy of your daily life is what it's all about. Whether we move to another country or whether I grow deeper roots in this community, I know I'll be content and present. The closer we get to change, the more we appreciate things the way they are. And so, I'll end with a self-quote. Is that tacky? Maybe, but here it goes.

Pattabhi Jois tells students to ‘Practice, practice, and all is coming!... but I find that all is already here.
— Rima Danielle Jomaa

Call to Action 

  • While dreaming and searching for something better motivates us in life & keeps us elevating, understand that the search itself is what feeds our human desires. Find happiness in whatever you have now so you're not running away from things. See your expansion as play and fun rather than release from something "bad". Bad is simply a perception!
  • Rather than attaching to certain situations or people, enjoy each for the value and beauty they add to your life. Through the enrichment of others, we can find our truest Self and highest potential. Through getting the most out of each experience we encounter by being present and aware, we can attain the fullest benefit of change and take away all the lessons and experiences we need to elevate (versus running from situation to situation trying to find happiness).
  • Know that all is already here, and breathe in gratitude for what is.

Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist & yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the "The Rima the Jungle Girl" podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she lives the life of her dreams every single day. You can find her atwww.rimathejunglegirl.com or on Instagram @rima_danielle.