Freeing Your Inner Jungle Girl

The shorts and top I designed in collaboration with Daughters of Culture. Photo by Nir Livni (@BigCameraman). Pacific Palisades, California.

The shorts and top I designed in collaboration with Daughters of Culture. Photo by Nir Livni (@BigCameraman). Pacific Palisades, California.

Designing Yoga Fashion with Daughters of Culture & Alexis Franklin

This summer, I got together with my best bud Alexis Franklin (@yoga_warrior_goddess) and Daughters of Culture (@daughtersofculture) to bring you two pairs of stunning shorts designed with the divine feminine spirit in mind. To celebrate our blogs and new brands launching, they're named after our alter egos! The pair I designed is called the Jungle Short in Marrakesh and it's on pre-order now through Daughters of Culture (use code "JUNGLE" for 10% off and so they know I sent ya!!). Alexis' is called the Sacred Angels Goddess Short and it's also available for pre-order! 

My shorts are inspired by what I envision the modern "Rima the Jungle Girl" character wearing. Over time, her wardrobe has varied based on the artist personifying her, and today, she would wear something that would enable her to do yoga on a mountain top, in a tree, or in a studio, then also to the beach or out with a top and cute shoes. They are flattering, sexy and feminine - she lets her inner jungle girl roar. The zig-zag sides are meant to embody the jagged look of living in the jungle  but more refined for the urban jungle woman. The wild print, Marrakesh, adds culture and intrigue. In the comic book, the character "Rima" wears spider's webs as her outfit, so we weaved the sides together with a drawstring to tie everything up nicely, the way a true Jungle girl always does.

The best part? YOU could win either outfit this summer during our #DaughtersOfYoga Instagram challenge that starts August 1st. Find the flyer below to learn how to play!

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Marrakesh’s Urban Jungle

In the middle of the urban jungles of the modern day woman, the tribe known as Daughters of Culture steps out into the bright sunshine ready for anything and anyone! As a Daughter, you’re working hard with your on-the-go lifestyle, and you deserve to go out into the world in comfort and class combined no matter where your map takes you.

Introducing our new Jungle short in the chic Marrakesh print. Peekaboo lace-up sides give a flirty hint of your womanly sex appeal, but with enough coverage to feel confident! This stylish short has the perfect balance of elegance, charm and ease to it while boasting the beautiful cultural Marrakesh print.

Take on those endless summer days and nights with the poise and sureness of knowing you’re a bold, unique, sensual and vibrant woman, celebrating life every day and giving the world a cheeky little wink as you do it!
— Daughters Of Culture on the Jungle Shorts

#DaughtersOfYoga Instagram Challenge starts August 1st, 2015

Starts August 1st! Photo by Nir Livni @bigcameraman).

Starts August 1st! Photo by Nir Livni @bigcameraman).

Want to deepen your yoga practice or learn about some basics!?

Our 14-Day challenge starts August 1st!

Join the #DaughtersOfYoga as we play & celebrate culture, our femininity, and our passion for yoga (males are welcomed & encouraged to play as well!). For us, yoga is an adventure & a chance to play both on and off the mat.

We invite you to our exclusive pool party this summer to explore a fun & expressive array of asana.

Party hostesses: @rima_danielle & @yoga_warrior_goddess, groovy sponsors: @daughtersofculture & @vagabondgoods.

RSVP to enter to win by:

  1. Reposting this image using #DaughtersOfYoga, @rima_danielle, @yoga_warrior_goddess, @daughterofculture, & @vagabondgoods.
  2. Follow hosts and sponsors, & mention them & #daughtersofyoga in each post.
  3. Tune in August 1st when we kick off 14 days of summer fun (hostesses will post the pose the night before), post your daily variation, & encourage your fellow sisters & brothers of yoga through positivity!
  4. If you complete all the steps above, you will be entered in a random drawing to win a bra & a pair of exclusively designed & shorts from the hosts & @daughtersofculture & a groovy mat towel from @vagabondgoods. 3 winners in all!

Or just follow along @rima_danielle to see the photos from the shoot!

Behind-the-scenes shots from Alexis' camera!

Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist & yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the "The Rima the Jungle Girl" podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she lives the life of her dreams every single day. You can find her or on Instagram @rima_danielle.