Om Shanti Clothing: "Express the Truth with the Clothes you Wear"

Wearing Om Shanti leggings above! Photo by Nir Livni.

Wearing Om Shanti leggings above! Photo by Nir Livni.

Sponsor for Week 6 of #JetSetYogi Summer Giveaway

I love Om Shanti Clothing Company (@OmShantiClothing)! Their style is funky and fresh. I was first introduced to them by Alexis (@yoga_warrior_goddess) during our #OmOpener challenge, which they sponsored alongside Om Soul Shop (@OmSoulShop). It was such a pleasure to work with them! They are super interactive with their customers/followers and were very gracious to us as hosts, as well. We love brands that support the community and really dig in with us! The yoga challenges on Instagram take A LOT of work to do well, so it means a lot when our sponsors are there supporting us and getting to know our participants. 

From - One of their "yoga" crop tops.

From - One of their "yoga" crop tops.

This week - play to win a Yoga Top from Om Shanti Clothing! 

On Instagram, follow, repost, and like to win! Full rules below!

Who is @OmShantiClothing

Om Shanti Clothing is a Miami-based active / yoga wear brand that's set on bringing cool and inspired looks to the yoga industry. They weave together "fashion, fun and function" to create unique looks for the modern yogi, pilates girl, or gym bunny! 

Why I love Om Shanti Clothing

I love Om Shanti Clothing because they listen to their customers and interact with them. They speak with intention and meaning. They're clothing is produced in USA. They aim to create locally-sourced materials and feature eco-friendly leggings made from recycled yarn. Pretty cool, huh? 

Om Shanti Clothing Company represents Yoga Wear for Any Wear’.
— Joel Strauss - CEO of Om Shanti Clothing

How to play #JetSetYogi to win on Instagram

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Rima Danielle Jomaa

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