Body Rock Gems: "Exquisite, handcrafted body adornments created with love."

Rima the Jungle Girl's Summer Giveaway #JetSetYogi is at it's final week with sponsors @bodyrockgems & Onzie. Model @amyroseyoga.

Rima the Jungle Girl's Summer Giveaway #JetSetYogi is at it's final week with sponsors @bodyrockgems & Onzie. Model @amyroseyoga.

Sponsor for Week 12 of #JetSetYogi Summer Giveaway

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Its the FINAL week of #JetSetYogi which means it's the last week of summer! I ain't sad about that, though, because I'm about to JetSet all the way to Costa Rica with Yoga Travel Tree and the rest of the gang for8 days in paradise! Want to join us? Click here to register! You have less than 20 days! I'm so excited. I've spent the last week finalizing all the details and even I get to see Costa Rica in a way I haven't yet before - it's nonstop fun, adventure, delectable cuisine, beach, surf, and relaxation! Oooo and some fun, yummy drinks! 

Now back to Week 12! 

A fresh & amazing company called Body Rock Gems is sponsoring week 12! I'm not done giving away free stuff though so I've also asked Onzie to give some Capri pants to another follower so there will be TWO winners announced Sunday at 12 pm PST!

Who is @BodyRockGems

Body Rock Gems is a super cute, small company founded by the lovely Yogi Renee-Marie Brewster of out Los Angeles, California. The line of jewelry uses precious stones, fine silver, gold and features body chains, rings, bracelets and more. Everything is hand-mand and custom orders are accepted.

Body Rock Gems:
  • Uses sustainable fine quality materials from all over the world,
  • Are made with Emeralds, rubies, diamonds, pearls, silver and gold.
  • Are "meticulously hand-crafted adornments created with love just for you".

    Shop Body Rock Gems!

Use code "JetSetYogi" to save 10% when shopping Body Rock Gems!

Why I Love Body Rock Gems


This company donates a percentage of profits to, a fantastic 501(c)(3) that's dedicated to building healthy relationships free from domestic, inter-personal and sexual violence. Renee was in my teacher training certification for yoga and it's been lovely to see her blossom and to see her company grow. She is a strong, inspiring and beautiful woman that supports others and I love to support her! I know we will see many amazing things come from Renee as her company continues to evolve and grow, and I can't wait for that. Her and I have talked about hosting a women's business and empowerment weekend at cost (not for profit) for our friends and our community so stay tuned for that in the future! The best way to stay in the know is to join my mailing list (at the bottom of the post) and follow me on BlogLovin'! Click to link to do so.

Renee-Marie Brewster, Founder of  Body Rock Gems . via .

Renee-Marie Brewster, Founder of Body Rock Gems. via

This week - play to win an amazing, hand-crafted body chain from Body Rock Gems and another follower will win capri pants from Onzie!

On Instagram, follow, repost, and like to win! Full rules below! You have until Wednesday 12 pm PST to enter and win.

How to play #JetSetYogi to win on Instagram

  1. FOLLOW @BodyRockGems, @Onzie & @rima_danielle to enter & for 1 entry

  2. LIKE the post #JetSetYogi post on @BodyRockGems, @Onzie & on @rima_danielle’s page for another 1 entry (must like both)

  3. REPOST the image on the right using @BodyRockGems, @Onzie @rima_danielle, & #JetSetYogi, and let us know if you prefer spontaneous travel or planned travel, or something in between!! - for another 5 entries!

    For additional entries

  4. OPTIONAL: For additional 3-5 entries, tag 3-5 REAL friends in the comment section. (No celeb, giveaway hosts, or fake accounts allowed or your entry will be disqualified.) 

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Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist & yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the "The Rima the Jungle Girl" podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she lives the life of her dreams every single day. You can find her or on Instagram @rima_danielle.