The Fashion of Yoga #8

Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to announce some big news in the next week! A hint is we are relocating & taking on new management positions in the yoga, vegan & hospitality industry! It's a super exciting time in our lives and I can't wait to tell you all about it. I will have a special themed giveaway in honor of all of these new, cool things that are happening.

But first, we have some new looks to check out from some of my favorite yoga apparel brands.

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Yoga fashion isn't about vanity or obsessing over superficial or material possessions. I don't promote attachment & have a very limited amount of material possessions myself. It's the opposite - classic simplicity.

I appreciate the evolving landscape of fashion and style. An industry with a history of disregarding how clothing is made & sourced (with child labor, the use of fur & leather, environmental destruction, as examples), putting style over personal comfort, and disempowering women and men in different ways is now shifting towards a new horizon.

I rarely, if ever, wear make up. I only get hair cuts (I never dye my hair), I rarely spend money on costly, toxic mani/pedis & my closet consists primarily of bikinis, yoga leggings, sports bras & tank tops. I have a couple of sweaters, a pair of jeans, shorts & three normal tops. That's about it.

In addition, everything I own has either been purchased from consignment or given to me.

More and more, people are ditching the rules & embracing self-made style that's simple, fresh, unique & functional. I'm seeing strong, confident women that are ditching make up, high heels & tight clothes for stylish (& sexy!) clothing that is functional, empowering, confidence invoking & comfortable! Don't get me wrong - I love a good pair of pumps & some tight jeans, but there's a time & a place! I don't find myself preferring jeans, like... ever. We don't have to sacrifice our personal comfort to be on the edge of fashion.

A few reasons why I love supporting yoga-minded brands:

  • They are usually Eco-conscious with products that are made ethically.
  • They give back to the community in numerous, charitable ways.
  • They empower women & men to led healthy lifestyles, to look good & to feel good, which leads to awesome, responsible, happy people!

Spring & summer looks are in full effect and I'm loving what I'm seeing in the evolution of yoga fashion. Today, I have looks from Jala Clothing, Karma Athletics, Pheel Style & Karma Collective. You'll see the sexiest one-piece that can be worn for yoga, SUP, to surf, swim & more, a classy sweater top that can easily be worn out, a sparkly bra & a lovely mala bracelet stack that's the perfect accessory to wear to the studio & then out.

PLUS, a new tea from Your Tea that I'm in LOVE with! It's divine.

Look 1 Jala Clothing

SUP Criss Cross leotard in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

SUP Criss Cross leotard in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

I started wearing Jala Clothing back in June 2014 & they've always been super supportive of my journey! I finally got to meet the owner and the ladies behind-the-scenes last week in Los Angeles. We took some photos & shared stories (Kelly Kolterman, owner/designer, also got married in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica like I did!). We had a blast! I love being able to meet people that I interact with only on-line usually - it makes me appreciate Instagram so much, as silly as that may seem.

Jala's designs continue to be my favorite because:

  • They use the highest quality fabric always.
  • Their clothes are made by a local family in Los Angeles.
  • They partner with Yoga Gives Back to support people in need.
  • They feature designs that are feminine, supportive & super chic.
  • They use green office & business practices.

This SUP Criss Cross Leotard meets my high Jala expectations! It's super sexy & flattering. I love the cut of the bottom and the criss cross design on the back is to die for. I love to practice yoga in this leotard but I've also worn a jean skirt over it and wore it out in Bali. There are many different ways to spice this leotard up and many functional ways to use it as active wear. Love!

SHOP THIS LOOK: SUP Criss Cross Leotard in Black 

Jala Clothing is based out of Los Angeles.

Wearing Jala in Malibu. Photo by Ira Meyer.

Photo by Ira Meyer.

Jala on the beaches of Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Look 2 Karma Athletics

The  Margot Cover Up  from Karma Athletics.

The Margot Cover Up from Karma Athletics.

I'm adoring this ballet-inspired, super chic sweater from Karma Athletics. This color is Papaya Whip. I love the feminine feel of the design & the color. The overlapping front & back adds a fun layer in addition to the peek-a-boo accent in the back. This detail allows you to show off your toned back muscles & killer tan or a cute sports bra.

This sweater is great for a beach town like mine because it gets a bit cooler in the afternoons and I can throw it on when leaving the studio to go for a sunset beach walk. I can grab a pair of jeans & heels if I want to make it a bit fancier & head to happy hour!

SHOP THIS LOOK: Margo Cover Up in Papaya Whip.

Karma Athletics is from and made in Canada.

The back of the Margot Cover Up.

Keeps me warm from the cool ocean breeze on the beach!

Look 3 Pheel Style

Sparkly 'erthing, am I right?

No, but seriously. I don't know what it is about sparkly stuff that attracts me like a moth to light. This Pheel Style bra is no exception. It has a beautiful iridescent shine that allows it to stand out from your traditional yoga bra! Plus, it's supportive, which I love. The Weave Bra is a perfect addition for my collection because it goes with everything and addsa shiny flair. Simplistic shine. You can't go wrong!

The fabric (nylon & spandex) is imported from Brazil & is designed for moisture wicking. The intention is to "keep you in but let you breathe", which I feel it accomplishes.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Weave Bra in Silver.

Pheel Style is based out of America. Fabrics are imported from Brazil and clothes are made in the USA.

The Weave Bra paired with the  Helix Pant Blue/Primary , also from Pheel.

The Weave Bra paired with the Helix Pant Blue/Primary, also from Pheel.

Look 4 Karma Collective

Karma Collective has been on the blog before. In addition to designing clothing, they partner with some awesome people to create jewelry, mats & mens clothing! I got to hang with Cordia, the owner/designer of Karma Collective, when I was in Canggu, Bali last month. She gave me these spiritual, beautiful mala bracelets from their OMbrace Jewelry collection. They're not sold as a stack on the website but she has many beautiful bracelets that are similar that you can buy individually (creating your own stack). 

OMbrace Jewelry is on sale for Mother's Day! 25% off with code OM25.

My favorite bracelet is the one that has the eclectic beads, including the beautiful green one that looks like jade. Featured on the bracelets are lava beads, a gold-plated Om charm, rudrakshas, and a sacred geometric symbol of the pattern of the universe. The bracelets aid in keeping you grounded while giving you strength.

The Flower of Life: a sacred geometric symbol of the pattern of the universe and can be found in many religions and cultures of the world, one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man. It has deep spiritual meaning and is believed to contain the patterns of creation as they emerged from the Great Void. By meditating upon this symbol of Sacred Geometry and wearing the Flower of Life symbol on the body it has been known to have powerful healing benefits, helps to disolve fears, assists in connecting to the higher self, stronger self awareness and reveals the innate harmony in the template of all life.
— Karma Collective

Bonus: A portion of each sale they make goes directly to a cause or a community project.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Similar bracelets are Lava Om Charm Bracelet, Flower of Life and more on the site.

Karma Collective is originally from Vancouver and is now based in Canggu, Bali.

All decked out in Karma Collective!

Beautiful mala stack from Karma Collective.

Fave New Product: Dreamy Hazelnut Tea from Your Tea

Delightful. Creamy. Smooth. Rich. Your Tea's Dreamy Hazelnut blend is my new favorite tea! Your Tea creates unique tea blends that promote well-being & health in different ways. This blend is actually created, supported & endorsed by a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Nat Kringoudis. This tea is certified dairy free, soy free, non-GMO & gluten free!

This blend aids with:

  • Immunity
  • Stress relief
  • Digestion
  • Sugar cravings

And I totally agree! When I find myself raiding the cabinet for chocolate, I steep a pyramid & sip it down instead, quelling the craving for sugar. I love it's nutty deliciousness. It really is dreamy!

It's soothing and calming overall. I love to enjoy it when I'm working on the computer. It helps to keep me focused and present. Each sip gives me something to look forward, especially when a page won't load or keeps crashing! Thanks, Your Tea!

It's a black tea that's made with hazelnut, praline & vanilla.

And purchases support their "charitea"! See, I told you all of these brands kick ass.

Yummy Dreamy Hazelnut!

Check them out at @YourTea!

Check them out at @YourTea!

Thanks for reading! What new looks are your favorite? I have a LOT of new styles coming soon & a new format, so come back often as things evolve.

Share if you enjoyed & say hey on social media! Use the links to the right (they're above if you're on a mobile device). Next up on the blog will be more the announcement on our big move & life change (plus a RAD giveaway that I'm so stoked about!), more travel diaries, natural face care & more!



Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist & yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the "The Rima the Jungle Girl" podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she lives the life of her dreams every single day. You can find her or on Instagram @rima_danielle.