The Fashion of Yoga #6

Hey there! Back with more yoga fashion today. I'm loving the new spring collections that are coming out. As yoga continues to grow in popularity in the West, yoga and fitness apparel brands continue to evolve, with trends focusing on functionality and style appeal. I've owned my fair share of leggings. Today, I had the urge to wash all of my clothes - there's not much to wash... I don't have much aside from yoga clothing! Plus we were traveling for 3 months and someone was living in our house so I needed to clear all the energy.

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Anyway, as I was folding my leggings, I was able to think individually about each pair. Each has a different symbolic meaning for me on this journey of yoga and spiritual growth. I love the different feminine aspects that each piece embodies. As yoga fashion continues to evolve, it's been cool to witness the progression of certain brands from their start to where they are now. Overall, I see brands using thicker, classier fabrics; classic cuts with hints of style and flair; eclectic prints and basic solids (black yoga clothing is always in style, and white pants are now my new fave!); supportive styles that compliment curves; and a commitment to style overall. Some looks come and go, some classics stay the same.

Yoga and fitness fashion is important because we deserve to look and feel good as we go from place to place during our day. From studio, to store, to lunch or coffee shop... I even wear many of my favorite fashion pieces in combination with other pieces to create looks for the evening.

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Today, I have 4 new brands to feature today! Below, you'll find looks from Pheel Style, Malabella Jewels, Shakti Activewear & Arenose Swimwear. A gorgeous pair of leggings, a healing, magical, calming mala, a super-cute fruit hot yoga outfit & a sexy bikini await you. Plus, gorgeous photography and scenery, as always & links to shop.

Look 1 Pheel Style

Pheel Style was created by two women, Lisa & Lainie, that have been friends since childhood. They have extremely active lifestyles and are moms-on-the-go. Their clothes are made to be stylish but able to keep up with any woman's busy schedule. From gym to cocktail hour, you're good to go.

My new leggings have perler beads on the bottom. Source:  Amber's Craft a Week Blog .

My new leggings have perler beads on the bottom. Source: Amber's Craft a Week Blog.

Today, I'm featuring the leggings from this outfit: the Helix Pant in Blue/Primary. I love the bright blue color of the top, first of all, and the pattern in the fabric makes me nostalgic in a good way. It reminds me of those perler beads from childhood (see photo). I've received many compliments on them and that's always a good indicator of a winner for me!

Plus, the fabric is very high-quality and I can wear these from studio to happy hour (if I don't sweat too much in class).

SHOP THIS LOOK: Helix Pant in Blue/Primary.

Pheel Style is based out of America. Fabrics are imported from Brazil and clothes are made in the USA.

Look 2 Malabella Jewels

Wearing Malabella Jewels Mala and outfit by Karma Athletics ( Look 1 in The Fashion of Yoga 5 ).

Wearing Malabella Jewels Mala and outfit by Karma Athletics (Look 1 in The Fashion of Yoga 5).

Malabella Jewels creates beautiful pieces that are hand-crafted with love. Founder Hannah Skedsvold came to yoga in search of a healing mechanism. She discovered the magical powers of Mala Beads through her practice and connected her two new passions with Malabella Jewels. On their Etsy store, you can find beautiful Mala Beads like this one I'm wearing, in addition to bracelets and stacks.

This Mala is the Blue Water Love Mala, and I'm in love. I feel it's magic when I'm holding it. It's peaceful and calming. The blue gemstones are helpful for "communication, truth, love, and peace" (Malabella Jewels). It's hand knotted and features Green Fluorite, Prehnite, Kiwi Jasper, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, Fossil, and White Howlite. There are 108 beads, a number that's sacred for malas. Read more about the individual gemstones here.

It's 25 inches long and I've been wearing it as a necklace, in addition to using it as a Mala.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Blue Water Love Mala.

Malabella Jewels is based out of Winchester, Virginia.

Wearing Malabella Jewels Mala and outfit by Karma Athletics ( Look 1 in The Fashion of Yoga 5 ).

Wearing Malabella Jewels Mala and outfit by Karma Athletics (Look 1 in The Fashion of Yoga 5).

Look 3 Shakti Activewear

Shakti Activewear is clothing is made to better the experiences of those who are passionate about yoga, fitness, health and happiness. They focus on quality, creativity and attention to detail. Like where they stem from (Rio de Janeiro), their designs are culturally colorful and inspiring.

I love this cute outfit. The strawberries are perfect for spring and summertime and they remind me of being a young girl. They're playful but also stylish. I love this classic shorts cut that Shakti designed many years ago - it remains a staple in the hot yoga room. The bra is sexy yet supportive.

Bonus: Shakti Activewear is sponsoring our current round of #YogaQuickies on Instagram, a monthly yoga challenge. It's not too late to join us and enter to win some rad clothes from Shakti!

SHOP THIS LOOK: Lattice Top in Strawberry Fields, Side String Shorts in Strawberry Fields. (The styles come in many different fabrics on their website.

Shakti Activewear is Brazilian designed and manufactured.

Look 4 Arenose Swimwear

@rima_danielle, wearing Arenose Swimwear, in Pantai Pandawa Bali.

@rima_danielle, wearing Arenose Swimwear, in Pantai Pandawa Bali.

Arenose Swimwear is a private swimwear line that features tops from cups size A - F. I love her suits because a portion of the proceeds are given to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can find solid prints to patterns, and many different styles of bottoms to compliment to wide range of tops.

Having a larger bust, I love when bikini brands cater to bra cup sizes versus your traditional "S-M-L" sizing options. Arenose is great for that. They offer a wide range of cuts and prints, and any brand that donates a portion of proceeds to a charitable cause gets an A+ in my book! I look forward to seeing Arenose grow as a swimwear line.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Bralette Bikini Top in Animal (sold out in this print), Hipster Bikini Bottom in Animal (sold out in this print).

Arenose Swimwear is from and made in the USA.

Tune in often for more new pieces and looks! Share if you enjoyed it. Say hi on social media! Use the links to the right (they're above if you're on a mobile device). Next up on the blog will be more travel diaries!



Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist & yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the "The Rima the Jungle Girl" podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she lives the life of her dreams every single day. You can find her or on Instagram @rima_danielle.