How To Show Commitment In Your Relationship

Commitment is the ingredient that holds a relationship together. It's that pledge to the one you love that you will honor your responsibility to them, through thick and thin. It's about being trustworthy; not walking away from the relationship when times get tough, and not doing anything that will create a lack of trust.

But consider the world we live in today. Marriage has become an outdated institution to some, so walking away is easy when no vows have been made at a wedding. Some people embark on open relationships, which blurs the boundaries of commitment. It's possible to get divorced online, so married couples have a (reasonably) easy get out clause when times get tough. Many couples create a prenuptial agreement before getting wed, just in case the marriage fails.

Commitment, in some quarters, is clearly in short supply.

Of course, that doesn't account for everybody. Many of us are deeply in love with our partners, and would never consider walking away, even when things get tough. But considering the way relationships do break down, it's important to communicate the commitment we have to our loved one as often as possible. And we can do that in a number of ways.

Get married. If you're not married yet, then it is something you should seriously consider. Sure, you can live together without getting wed, but it will be easy for both of you to walk away should things go wrong. By getting married, and by putting a ring on each other's finger, you are symbolising that commitment to one another. It doesn't matter if the ring is as pricey or as elegant as the rings here,, or something you have bought cheaply elsewhere, it is still that symbol to say 'I love you,' and 'I want to spend my life with you.'

Spend time with each other. Never be too busy to be apart for long. When you're not at work, don't spend all of your time with your friends. Your partner should be the most important person in your life, so let them know your desire to be around them. Sure, you don't have to be with each other 24/7 - you both need space - but your partner should be the person you choose to spend time with above and beyond anybody else outside of your relationship.

Listen to your partner. It's easy to nod and shake your head, and do all the right things when your partner is talking to you, but are you actually listening to them? Are you taking the time to understand what they are trying to say? When they tell you they have had a hard day, do your responses show you care? Actively take an interest in what your partner is saying. Show support when it is needed. Don't be too busy or too distracted to not listen properly. Truly listening and expressing an interest in them is showing how deep your commitment lies.

Talk through problems. Communication is key in a relationship, and talking is at the heart of it. When there are tensions between you, don't sulk and walk away. Actively talk to each other as two human beings. If you love each other, you will want to come to a solution. Sure, get space when tensions are too fraught to speak, but always come back to each other to seek solutions, understanding, and forgiveness.

You need to work at your relationship. If you don't, then you may encounter trouble down the line. Show your commitment then, by being together, engaging in conversation, enjoying each other's company, and caring for each other. Get help if you need it. Speak to a counsellor if things become strained. Consult podcasts such as this one, if communications fail. But whatever you do, don't give up.

At all times, show commitment in your relationship.

Rima Danielle Jomaa

Rima Danielle Jomaa is from Los Angeles, and now lives and works in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where she manages a hotel, restaurant, and yoga program full-time. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT# 82229) and has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is a certified yoga instructor, and received her certification from Alexandria Crow and Heather Seiniger from YogaWorks in Pacific Palisades, California. While in private practice, Rima practices Reiki energy healing, utilizes hypnotherapy, and guides others through mindfulness and meditation. Rima gives clients the tools and skills to reclaim their health, happiness, and freedom.

Rima lives her life as an example for her clients and students. She is interviewed regularly in the mediaon a variety of topics. Please contact Rima regarding modeling or writing for your brand, or to collaborate on retreats, workshops, marketing, and other opportunities.